Ulun Danu/Bedugul

Ulun Danu Temple

This is the perfect temple to visit for people who are looking to get a feel for older Balinese Architecture (it was built in 1633), but also want to experience the nature offered by the lakeside setting and take some pictures with an aesthetically pleasing ambience.

View of the central building

Trademarked by its tallest building, Pura Ulun Danu Bratan offers glorious views of the Balinese countryside with some traditional and very old architecture, making it one of the more uniquely gorgeous temples in central Bali.

The building at the center of the temple, right at the edge of Lake Bratan, looks a lot like those sculptures people make by stacking rocks at a beach.

Each layer of the tower is smaller than its predecessor, shrinking from a very large layer hanging over the shrine at its base to a small block at it’s tip, almost ten meters high.

Detail of the layers

While this specific building is dedicated to Shiva, the temple was built to honor the Balinese river goddess Dewi Danu, and locals come here to give respect to Lake Bratan which is a main source of irrigation in central Bali.

Lake and Temple on a foggy day

However, the main attraction for this temple is not the architecture or the gods, but the location. Lake Bratan creates a splendid background for the serene and sacred vibe of the temple, while also providing enough stunning views of foggy mountains and expansive water that it can serve as a source of entertainment and beauty in and of itself. When Lake Batan floods, an optical illusion can make the temple appear as if it is floating, leading locals and some tourists to refer to it as “Bali Temple on the Lake.”

The amazing walk that will take you to the lake

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